About Us

Unit1 is your local training facility, situated right in the heart of Terenure Village. Our team consists of expert athletes and coaches who turned their lifestyle and sport into their profession. Enjoy your training with us in a unique, friendly, and positive environment. General soundness is the rule.

Weight Lifting (Do you even Lift)

Olympic Weightlifting: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Every level welcome. These lifts are extremely technical and train your core, strength, coordination and central nervous system. As well as doing the Power Lifts in normal classes , we also focus on them here: the back squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

Strenght and Conditioning S&C

Using sound form, we build strength through the core and limbs using body weight and weights. We condition the body by doing a mix of body weight and weight lifting exercises, as well as skipping, rowing, assault bike, and more.

High Intensity Training

Train with intensity; push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go to the dark place :) Includes core work and basic gymnastics which is FUN, and improves flexibility and mobility, builds on general and core strength.

Personal Training (PT)

We always recommend group classes over PT, as it's better craic and our slots are limited, but if you want to train 1-1 or 2-1, just contact us and we'll try to get you booked in!

One On One Training

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Meet our Dedicated Team

Nick Parkes

Dedicated Coach

Nick, who comes from London, has more than 6 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Nick is also a qualified CrossFit Level 1 and gymnastics coach.

Claire McGlynn

Dedicated Coach

Claire has lived in Terenure all her life. She opened her own gym, Unit 1 Training Facility on her 30th birthday in March 2017.

Ian Kelly

Dedicated Coach

Ian, a fellow Terenure native, is a strength and conditioning coach who specialises in technique and movement.


Your feedback is important to us. We value and appreciate your compliments, suggestions or complaints in order to improve our services and the way we communicate. If you are satisfied and/or dissatisfied with the service you have received from us, please let us know.

I started in Unit 1 at 2 months pregnant. Claire & Ian have been fantastic –they are really encouraging and I am thrilled to still be working out 4 x p/w in my 8th month! While they are both conscious of my limitations, I am still pushing myself in every session.


I can't believe the impact of the classes at Unit 1! I found my way to Unit 1 last May 17 with injuries, mobility issues, little strength & for me I was out of shape. With Claire & Ian's expert help I feel and look like a different person. While they are both utmost professionals & will look at your form to within an inch, the vibe & banter in the class is brilliant. I come away buzzing & feeling like I can take on the world. A sign of the consummate professionalism is how they adapt their coaching style to each member - they make sure you're stretched for you, whether you're the strongest /fittest person in the class or a complete beginner. Claire's nutritional advice is great, it's the common sense type we need to hear - she keeps it simple . With simple dietary changes & the work in the classes, I have not only slimmed down to where I wanted to be, but I also feel much healthier. Can't recommend this place enough if you want to move better, get stronger, fitter & have the craic along the way.

Niamh Mn

It's a pleasure to be coached by Claire and Ian. They treat each person that comes to the gym as an individual. They draw on their huge experience as both athletes and coaches to help improve our strengths and work on our weaknesses

David Matin